Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome To The Archives

I suppose that I should begin this little project with a few notes about myself.

My name is not important. If you must have a name, I suppose that Locomotive Breath will do. It certainly seems accurate, after these past few months. After these past few years, really. I have been at this longer than I had thought.

For the past few years, you see, I have been acting as something of an archivist for certain texts. These texts involve the records of encounters with certain extra-normal entities, such as the “Slender Man” and the “Rake”, which several others have been compiling information on as well. I should like to pretend that there is a certain gravitas associated with this position, but that would be false. In truth, I am nothing more than a glorified filing cabinet, trained to store and retrieve the aforementioned texts whenever those who might desire to read them demand it. Given that said texts often are literal files in cabinets, that description is rather apt, I think.

But, after the events of the past few weeks, I have decided to place these materials online for all to see. This makes them much more difficult for those who might wish to destroy them to do so, and has the added benefit of making them that much easier to access. The only problem, then, is that it falls to me to perform the rituals of arcane complexity which will transmute the ink-and-paper recordings which I have in my possession into raw computer data. Given the sheer number of files which I have stored, there is no possible way that I can perform this task with anything approaching the speed necessary to reach its end before my inevitable grisly demise, so I shall have to content myself with ensuring that the most precious and informative of them are preserved.

Consider this online journal-cum-archive, then, to be my legacy to all of you. For all that I do not spend much time browsing the so-called “information superhighway”, I do know that I am not the only person to take it upon themselves to compile what information they can find on the Slender Man, the Rake, and the like. Granted, somewhere upwards of ninety-seven percent of such “accounts” are entirely fictional, but there are some which I know to be true, and it is for all those who read and believe those true accounts that I leave behind this archive. May it, in some small way, help to keep you safe from the threats lurking in the darkness.

May it serve you better in that regard than it has served me.


  1. More archives! So much fun.

    Does that mean I get to troll you too?

  2. you should have known better archibald sullivan
    just because you are away from us does not mean that we cannot catch you
    embrace the archangel