Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Action and Reaction

Our continued investigation of the old house have turned up no clues as to the whereabouts of Miss Waterman or Thaddeus. We have turned the place upside-down in our efforts to find some indication of their whereabouts and status, but neither Phillip nor myself is an accomplished forensic analyst. We have given up on that bit for now.

This leaves us with two options: sit and wait for something to happen, or try to find something that we can actually do. This means either leaving the town on foot, dragging James with us all the way, or making some effort to secure medical aid for him here.

I am done reacting. Waiting only ensures that the Epping AquaTarkus will find us, or one of its fellow entities, and I am not particularly enamored of that possibility. I am not entirely certain what was meant by the use of the term "Indisen", but I am certain that it cannot be a good thing, and I do not intend to allow myself to be manipulated.

It is time to investigate the hospital. Perhaps there is someone there who is willing to help us. It is a long shot, but a slim chance is better than none. Failing that, I may be able to at least lift some antibiotics. Somehow. Anything is better than sitting around and waiting.

And, failing absolutely every other possibility, we will have James admitted into emergency care. Again, a slim chance is better than none, and I will not sacrifice him, even if refusing to do so draws the attention of the authorities.

Phillip is in agreement with me. We are off. Wish us luck.