Thursday, February 16, 2012


I apologize for taking so long to post a response to your last missive, Miss Waterman. I have had something of a busy day, and it does not appear that I will be getting the opportunity to sleep any time soon.

I trust that more details surrounding your disappearance, as well as those of Thaddeus and our only means of transport, will be forthcoming soon enough. In the meantime, I am forced to proceed on foot towards my "destination", such as it is.

Phillip has been left behind to monitor James. As much as we despised making the decision to split up our merry little band still further, we have deemed it necessary. We last came across the Epping AquaTarkus' minions in the forest just outside of this city, and the Epping AquaTarkus seems to be the only entity willing to actually speak to us (short of Thaddeus, who has, as I previously mentioned, vanished). Beyond that, it is a self-described "creature of knowledge", and it does seem to have some investment in me succeeding at... something. I am not really sure. But Phillip thinks that it would be wise for him to stay as far away from the forest as possible, due to the nature of The Slender Man, and he has been James' friend for longer than I. Hopefully his proximity, even if he cannot be there around the clock, will help to ward James from The Cold Boy's influence.

We all have various means of posting to this online journal, it seems. We can keep in touch if necessary. And, in case of an emergency, we can send out a mass call for help; we do have other Runners in the audience, after all.

I will likely be unavailable for most of tomorrow. I am pausing at the edge of town to make this post, and I do not expect that the forest will have much in the way of wireless Internet reception. Hopefully, though, this will not be my last message to you. When I resurface, I will hopefully have rather more in the way of information regarding what exactly it is that I have apparently stumbled into. I am very tired of blundering around pointlessly.

Wish me luck.

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